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"Hustlers Only."
The SS21 Collection

Yang® in LA.

Recently, the Yang® brand was prompted with the opportunity to be featured in their first storefront. Working hard to make a name for themselves in the Bay Area of California, they caught the eye of the successful luxury shoe designer Jessica Rich, who gave them the opportunity of placing a series of collections in her new store located in the Beverly Center of Los Angeles. Opening day of the storefront was on Saturday Nov. 28th and due to the loyal support that Yang® has gained over the four short years of building their brand, the walls of their section were said to be just about empty every 10 minutes. A successful turn out and a life changing opportunity given from the iconic Ms. Rich that makes their journey and admiration of their rags to riches story line even more inspiring. Much success to the future of both of the brands and we know there will be more to come. (Scroll below for an inside look)

In this photo is Jessica Rich, CEO of Jessica Rich Collection® and Kevin Shephard, the CEO of Yang®

Stay tuned in with both brands on instagram for some major culture shifting moves:



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