| Words for the hungry & resilient.

Grind like your work is never finished.



You must get uncomfortable to become comfortable.



Money can't be the only shit that inspires you.



The cost of procrastination is the life you could've lived.



When you do what you love, it doesn't feel like work.



Everything aint for everybody, stay on your path.



Execution is everything.



Those who lack belief shouldn't be anywhere near you.



Appreciate the down times, that's where character is mainly built.



Only YOU set the limits on your life, nobody else has that control.



A person's belief in themself is more valuable than anything.



Success is a mentality.


The game is to be sold, not told.


If you started at the bottom the only other way to go is up.


You have to be rich mentally in order to be rich financially.


One goal at a time.



Work on yourself harder than you work on a job.



Hard work will never be ignored.



Don't give advice on shit you never accomplished yourself.



Preparation is never lost time.



Yo folks should never feel unsupported.



Hating will keep you broke.



Money doesn't change you, it just amplifies the person you already are.



Find out what others are doing and do the complete opposite.



Don't get mad, just get richer.



You gotta walk in the rain before you shine in the sun.



Turn a 1 to a 2 & a 2 to a 4.



Don't get hyped for the moment & start to back pedal.

You will take some losses but all it takes is 1 win.



Being broke is hard, Making millions is hard... Choose your hard.



Fear & success don't mix.


If you can't find a job, create one.



Work for your last name, not your first.



Assets over liabilities.



Your kids can't inherit your 9 to 5 job.

Don't worry about haters, only care about what hustlers think.

Never say no to a growing opportunity.

There is no tomorrow, do that shit today.

Use doubt as fuel.

Bring solutions to the table, not problems.

Don't plant seeds and expect fruit the very next day.

Mind the business that pays you.

Don't compete with workers, compete with CEOs.

It's OK to sit back and recollect.