Here at Yang®, we share our passionate stories and our journey of being young up and coming entrepreneurs through our premium garments. To create a threshold that brings together everyone from the minimum wage workers to the 7-figure business owners or the white collar professionals to the weight movers is something we've always envisioned for the culture.


After realizing we all have the same end goal of being bosses & CEOs of our own lives, we knew it was time to introduce Yang® in 2017.

So we ask that you enjoy our platform of motivation, fashion & culture that we have created to show others that no matter the circumstances, it's possible.. Just go get it. 


in Los Angeles, CA.

Exclusive collections available at:
The Jessica Rich Collection
(In The Beverly Center)



in The Bay, CA.

Exclusive collections available at:
Foot Locker
(In 6 locations)

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